Owning your own home business

Do you know anyone who owns his or her own business?  How did it happen?  Did someone come to them and say "Hey, you look like a nice person, I like you, you don't have to pay me anything, here's the key to your own business, go and make money now"?  Or did they possibly scrape for every penny, probably even got a business loan to buy equipment, staff the business, advertising, marketing, etc. etc. etc.?  The latter would be my guess.

Did the business see a profit in the first year?  The second year?  How long did it take?  Was the business still alive five years later?  How many hours per week did these people have to work to jumpstart the business?  Just a few minutes every day?  Or was it more like 100 hours per week at first?  How many hours do they work in their business after a few years?

So why would you EVER believe that the Internet is any different to own your own business?

The single worst problem with people starting home based businesses today and failing is due from being LAZY — plain and simple. When you start a home-based business, you should develop your OWN product. Finding a company who does all the work for you shows a complete lack of loyalty on your part. If you don't want to work (even when the chips are down) — don't start a business!!

A business is like giving birth to a new child. If you are going to raise that child properly, you must take charge and control of the situation. You wouldn't have a baby and give it to an unknown company president in Chicago to raise for you would you? Then why do you want to give your company to an unknown company to make money for you? Isn't the reason we started a home based business was because we wanted to be our own boss? Control our own future? Be in charge? Then why in heavens name would you have any desire to do anything but develop your own stuff and sell it at a fair market price? That, my friend, is the best advice I can give any home based business person.

My best to you!
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