Self Improvement

Insist on improving your self by learning from other people's experience.

    We all learn continuously, even though we may be unaware of doing so. At 30, we know a lot more than at 20. At 40, even more. How does this happen?

    Indirectly, for the most part. Take up a new job or get a promotion. Someone is likely to show you how to do some things you've never done before. And you may be able to discover even better ways to do them.

    Form a new partnership. You'll quickly learn the relationship works better if you modify some of your behavior. And your new partner needs to do the same. Else the relationship does not evolve as you had hoped.

    If you get interested in bowling, bird watching, sailing, or much of anything, you'll find yourself picking up helpful information from those around you. Also from articles and  books. And the Web offers an abundance of great information on most any topic.

    A day in which we fail to encounter at least one new idea or approach has likely been uneventful. From discovering a new toothpaste, to finding a route to work that saves a couple of minutes, all is learning. Indirectly, of course.

    So Why Do People Balk At Learning?